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Hardware Asset Management Services

Our Asset Management services helps you create identify and categorized all your digital assets and products. You can also add the vendor details for a particular product such as vendor name, warranty period, price and much more.

Our delivery approach:

a) Asset Scanning and Discovery

If you got it in your network, its got to be on your Digital asset database, hence in order to obtain this info the following are the various scanning methods available with our services:

Agent scanning

In this method, an agent is installed in the workstation (in the same network or remote location) to be scanned. The first time, agent sends all information about the asset inventory to our asset discovery tool, after which it will send only the changes in the inventory. We will be able to add the vendor details for a particular product such as vendor name, warranty period, price and much more to update the CMDB.


Windows domain scans

Any assets coming under the Windows domain can be scanned using this method.


Network and network range scans

This method of asset scanning can be used for all IP devices, such as, routers, switches, printers and assets running Linux, Solaris and MAC OS. Enter the Network or the network range and we can discover the assets to the dashboard.


Individual asset scan

You can also scan the assets individually by providing the IP address of the asset.


Manual import

When all else fails or if you have a csv file of all your assets and want to import that file, you can just import the file and add all the assets to our database.

This information will enable us to achieve key financial and compliance goals and objectives and provide in-depth:

  • Hardware inventory tracking
  • Software inventory tracking
  • Associated vendors and contracts
  • Managing asset groups
  • Asset relationship
  • Asset lifecycle from procure to retire

b) Review & Assessment

As the data being collected we perform a current state assessment of Software Asset Management processes based on the ISO 19770 framework and provide recommendations to achieve the desired state; create policies, procedures, controls and governance models; enlist key roles and responsibilities; and set up a SAMC office.

c) Recommendations and ongoing periodic reviews

We compare procured licenses over a period of time (entitlements) to software deployed on machines (deployments) and generate a detailed compliance license position (gaps/excess)

Our SAMC Services covers IT Asset Management (ITAM) policies and procedures, the overall SAMC framework through the various stages of an asset’s life cycle — from procurement to retirement — as well as Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and its interdependence on SAMC.

SAM-as-a-Service (SAMaaS)

We also assist in managing Software Asset Management operations for organizations and, through a co-sourced or a completely outsourced model, operate the SAM office.

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