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Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

A Holistic Approach to managing your IT

Trio IT combines customizable tools and services and certified specialists with in-depth knowledge of industry-specific standards to monitor, maintain, and manage every mission-critical aspect of your IT applications and infrastructure.

From DCs to PCs, we got you covered.

Data Center

The backbone of all technology starts at the Data Center. We deliver consulting and management aimed at maximizing performance and scalability in today’s ever-changing business and IT landscape.

Data Center Planning, Optimization

Meet the future demands of business by reducing the complexity of your data center infrastructures. Maximize service availability while delivering cost-effective Data Center Services.

Data Center Automation

We’ll help in setup, configure and manage the automation tools associated with monitoring, patching, backup, service requests and support of your Data Center Services.

Public or Private Cloud

Gain greater flexibility, server and storage utilization on any public or private cloud. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to sweat the details.

Disaster Recovery

Proper planning prevents poor performance. When disaster strikes, that backup plan can save you millions of dollars. We’ll help manage the process to get you back online in real-time, enabling your business to continue operations while your production environment is restored.

Applications & Databases

Disruptions in technology can be detrimental to any business, but small to mid-sized companies are particularly vulnerable. Whether it be Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, or construction, the reality is that many small to mid-sized companies do not have large IT departments and 24/7 help desks to troubleshoot network issues that can reduce productivity. However, with remote monitoring, organizations are now able to have:

Early Detection

24/7 availability and performance monitoring of your critical applications, databases, systems, storage, networks and security devices and send an alert any time of the day so that irregularities in the infrastructure can be addressed proactively. Common errors include:

Host, system and network downtime;

Application and database response is slow;

Application transaction failures and unavailability;

Disc space falls below a defined percentage of free space;

Antivirus software is out of date; and

Gain Essential Insights

Remote monitoring can provide organizations with essential insights to the overall health, security, performance, and capacity planning of their systems, applications, databases and network. Additionally, because remote monitoring checks the network 24/7, organizations automatically receive information on all IT assets, such as patches, updates, and hardware upgrades, the database is automatically updated, and important business applications uptime are always tracked.

Value Adds

It is estimated that for every hour of downtime, the cost averages out at around $84,000. Can your company afford to lose that much revenue every time a problem occurs with your network? Remote monitoring allows your IT team to stay on top of incidents from wherever they are and uses automation to fill in the gaps. Here are five specific advantages of investing in remote network monitoring.

  • Limit Downtime
  • Enhance Security
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Streamline Maintenance
  • Improve Productivity